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He with the most toys. . .

Sally and I aren’t big consumers. Stuff, we’ve decided, mainly complicates, and we’ve figured out that it doesn’t make us happy.

Which brings me to this:

And, yes, I know. Sally and I don’t play golf and don’t intend to start.

We tell ourselves we bought the golf cart to tote the boys to the neighborhood pool, the lake, the trail, and the children’s park, all of which are less than a mile away but down and up a steep hill. We tell ourselves that we picked up the cart because it’s fun to putter around our neighborhood, Apache Shores, a floaty bungied to the cart roof, the cooler loaded with sandwiches, Lone Star, and juice boxes, the warm air soothing away the day.

And that’s all some of it, no doubt.

But most of it is that we like accumulating stuff more than we care to admit.


So Easter.

Both the boys woke up before sunrise to dig through their baskets and fill up on Peeps, jelly beans, and chocolate. Then they raced around the yard looking for eggs. It was wacky fun.

After breakfast, we joined the second annual Apache Shores Easter egg hunt. As with most things Apache Shores, the event, which featured mimosas, screw drivers, and a sad potluck, was as much a party for the adults as it was a gathering for the kids. The Easter Bunny made an appearance, too, riding into the park on a folding bike with tiny wheels.

That afternoon we ate ham sandwiches and yellow Oreos and stared at the lake with good people, including this dangerous family. And by 9:00 PM we were all dead out.