Letting go day 3: I am strong

I drove by McDonald’s this morning and eyeballed the joint but didn’t stop or even slow down. I am strong, dear Bad Chemicals’ reader. Probably unstoppable.


@. One of the dogs took a soggy dump all over the garage. This happens about once a week. Which reminds me: Anyone want a friendly canine?

#. I’m not sure I like anything I’ve ever written. Yesterday, I reread a handful of posts from this blog, and I was embarrassed and annoyed by every single one of them. I was pleased by a paragraph here and there, though.

%. Sally didn’t get shot at work yesterday, which is nifty. Which reminds me: If you chance into her anytime soon, tell her she needs to quit her job. Her lousy salary and the ocassional child she reaches isn’t worth what she puts into it.

We’re meeting up with friends at a local brew pub tomorrow night to celebrate my birthday. For grins, I think I’m going to write tomorrow’s post after I’ve returned with have a head full of barley pop. That should be stupid fun.

Or maybe just stupid.

Until then, dear reader.


2 Responses to “Letting go day 3: I am strong”

  1. 1 Barb Black March 11, 2011 at 1:07 pm

    I don’t like anything I write either. More often than not, it feels stilted and contrived. I write anyway. I have to.

    So do you.

    And I like what you write.

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