The next time someone asks. . .

The next time someone asks me, maybe at a happy hour or a family gathering or the neighborhood pool, what I’ve been up to, I’ll say, “cleaning up shit.”

That someone, perhaps a winner like Yancy McMasters, who you probably know, will smile. “So you mean you’ve taken on a job as a process control manager or a environmental quality engineer or a janitor? That’s it, right? You’ve become a janitor.”

“No,” I’ll tell the grinning jerk. “What I mean is I’ve been using bleach and brushes and plastic bags to clean up turds.”

And then I’ll tell Yancy McMasters about the Lincoln Log Snurp dropped in the bedroom a few days ago and the diarrhea one of the canines squirted on the garage floor last week and and the toddler’s diaper that leaked on my shirt Monday before I’d even eaten breakfast and the dog dookie I scrubbed off the tops and bottoms of Eli’s new white shoes in the yard last night.

Cleaning up shit. This is it. This is what Sally and I have been doing while the blog became fallow.

Okay, yeah, sure, right. We did do other stuff during our hiatus. There were trips and books and fireworks and kids behaving oddly and afternoons at the lake. No doubt, we’ll share those stupid goings on as well.

And that will be a kind of shit, too, only this time we’ll be spreading it, not cleaning it.


1 Response to “The next time someone asks. . .”

  1. 1 feeddunk October 7, 2010 at 10:48 pm

    Nothing wrong with a good shit story. Our neighborhood saying is “it all comes back to the poo”.

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