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The Bottomless Pit

That’s what they call Slade at day care, the Bottomless Pit. I think it might have something to do with all the food he inhales.

Slade dinner septemer 2009


Some evidence from day care:

  • Last week, Miss Vicky, his primary day care provider had to “cut him off” after three helpings of noodles. Cut him off. Like he’d lost his head and gone on a noodle bender.
  • Everyday, Slade comes home from day care with a sheet that details, among other stuff, his food consumption, and everyday the sheet shows he finishes it all—strawberries, Cheerios, milk, corn, grapes, avocado, whatever he can scoop into his mouth.
  • The director at his day care claims Slade eats more for breakfast than she does. That’s a stretcher, right? Our twig of a kid out eating a full-grown woman?
  • On days I pick Slade up, I ask Miss Vicky how his day went. “Great,” she tells me. “He ate everything.” And then she’ll make some comment about not knowing where the food goes, and I’ll tell her that, as a dad who changes the boy’s diaper, I know where some of it goes.

At home, he pounds his tray and grunts if we make the mistake of plopping him in his high chair without food for him to grab. And if he runs out of bananas and cheese and raspberries sitting in the chair? Those grunts turn to wails.

Serious business, this eating of food, for the Bottomless Pit.