Why we blog

Blogs are contaminating cyberspace with their narcissistic, stupid, and boring posts. And yet, here Sally and I are, joining in and crapping up the interwebs with our tales of our insignificant lives.

We’re not entirely sure why.

Some of it’s probably vanity. We like to write and tell stories. We like to pretend people want to read them. Blogs are nice for that.

Some of it’s Eli and his soon-to-be brother. Death is taking dead aim. And if we get rubbed out, we want the boys to have something significant from us. Sure, there’d be pictures and lousy videos and superficial stories. But there wouldn’t be the hurt, the humor, the anger, the love–the raw and real stuff that words convey best.

Some of it’s our fading memories. People, places, events disappear. We want to hold on to some of that, that small magic of people we love, the wonder in the mundane of every day life.

So, welcome, to whatever this is and whatever it will become.


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